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Liberty Leading the People (28th July 1830) 1830

Eugene Delacroix

Liberty Leading the People (28th July 1830) 1830 - Eugene Delacroix -

Title:Liberty Leading the People (28th July 1830) 1830
Painted by:Eugene Delacroix
Location:Musée Du Louvre, Paris, France
Dimensions:127.95 inch wide x 102.36 inch high

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Delacroix again utilizes the female form to express mood and anticipation in Revolutionary France. Powerful.
The female Liberty
Posted by c oinsett on 29.November 2008, 02:49

This is the most stunning paintings, depicting the Rebellion of France in 1830. How could Delacroix were totally capable of painting one of the greatest masterpieces ever known. I love this painting.

Posted by Garry Mamesah on 21.January 2009, 14:11

coolest painting everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Posted by sir Alejandro on 7.March 2010, 07:36

why is liberty naked? yes shes a beautiful woman and shes representing alot but why does her top half have to be naked?
Posted by Allie moe on 30.March 2010, 12:12

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Liberty-Leading-the-People - Eugene Delacroix - www.eugenedelacroix.orgLiberty-Leading-the-People-(detail-1)-1830 - Eugene Delacroix -